RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC is one of the largest independent Power Supply Companies in Russia, one of the leaders in the field. RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC supplies large industrial companies with electrical energy in more than a half of the regions of the Russian Federation expanding its business constantly. The company has wide experience in operating on the wholesale and retail electricity markets. We are constantly introducing new market tools which allow energy expense to be optimized.

RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC operates on the wholesale and retail markets and collaborates with industrial customers based in the whole territory of the Russian Federation, from the Far East to Kaliningrad in all price zones and practically in all non-price zones of power market in Russia. RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC has experience in many power supply systems of the country and this is one of the main advantages and strong features allowing to make right decisions under conditions of insufficient level of market rules regulation.

The company has built strong working relationships with all participants of the electricity market such as electricity suppliers on the wholesale market, infrastructure organizations, including JSC FGC UES and many branches of JSC IDGC (MRSK) Holding.

RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC has successful experience of work at exchange platforms with financial and physical instruments, such as non-regulated contracts for electricity and capacity, electricity futures.