RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC always respects the interests of potential customers, and is committed to reduce their expenses for purchase of electric energy focusing on creation of the most comfortable environment for power supply.

Besides the entire nonprice advantages, efficient working in-company processes combined with low transaction costs create favorable price advantages for the consumers of the company and offer discounts as greatly reduced prices of competitive companies’ services.

RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC has developed several options of standard price offers, so called price menu. These standard calculation models are aimed at reduction of electric energy purchase costs. At the same time RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC considers customer preferences and the company is ready to take these preferences into account when developing calculation models, and unique offers for special needs of a customer.

The company adheres to flexible pricing policy of energy supply, moreover, we are eager to consider various options of investment financing of energy supply and energy efficiency improvement projects, e.g. AIIS KUE (Automated metering and information system for commercial accounting of electric power) development and implementation projects.

A significant sales volume of electric energy makes it possible to conclude more effective direct contracts with generating companies. As there is no need of maintaining retail banking personnel, management expenses decrease. Therefore, supply mark-up for energy supply services is below market average, thus the ultimate price for LLC RUSENERGORESOURCE consumers is substantially reduced, which increases company’s competitiveness.

Service area

The company is an active member of energy supply organizations community, contributes to drafting of regulations in energy supply industry, is involved in the work of committees for marketing model development, in the activity of work groups affiliated with Market Council nonprofit partnership and also in activities of the line ministries and agencies defending consumer interests.

RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC employees are highly skilled; many of them have been recruited from various energy supply organizations of the country. The specialists of the company regularly participate in conferences and seminars as lecturers and experts.

is one of the leaders in quantity of registered groups of delivery point on the wholesale electric energy (capacity) market owning
vast experience of maintenance work on the wholesale market.

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