Energy supply agreement

Fundamental terms of agreement of sale and purchase of electric energy

Agreement duration:

The Contract shall be deemed to be prolonged annually if one month before expiration of the contract none of the parties declares the contract avoided or altered or concludes a new contract.

The type of price for electric power (fixed or variable):

RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC provides the supply of electric energy (capacity) on the retail markets operating in the territories that are included in non-price wholesale market zones, for the prices determined in accordance with the regulation rules for price application (tariffs) on the retail markets on the assumption of regulated tariffs which are set for a definite category of consumers (fixed price). In the territories included in pricing wholesale market zones electric energy (capacity) is supplied at the price and in the volume that are determined by the agreement between the parties (variable price).

Form of payment:

With funds in a non-cash form.

The form of securing fulfillment of obligations under a treaty:

There is no respective provision.

Cancellation terms:

By agreement between the parties in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Liability of the parties:

In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Information on the change of fundamental terms of agreement:

The indicated fundamental terms of agreement (taken apart or together) are not public offer.

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