RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC purchases electric energy and capacity on the wholesale and retail electric energy and capacity markets.

RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC purchases electric energy and capacity in groups of delivery point registered on the wholesale market. The price of electrical energy and capacity purchased on the wholesale market is determined in accordance with the wholesale electricity market rules (approved by No.1172 Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27th December 2010).

On the retail market RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC purchases electric energy and capacity from regional guarantee suppliers and/or from energy supply companies.

The price of the electric energy and capacity purchased from guarantee suppliers is calculated by guarantee suppliers in accordance with the legislation. Such price shall be determined in the course of negotiation.

The price of electric energy and capacity supplied by RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC to the consumers,
which do not belong to the «Population» category is determined by:

On the retail markets of the territories, which are not included in non-price wholesale market zones it shall be in accordance with the effective legislation, determining the procedure of market pricing;

On the retail markets of the territories included in price wholesale market zones shall be upon mutual agreement of the parties.

RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC has developed several standard offers for its consumers:

  • Costs +
    The price is calculated on the assumption of actual expenditures incurred while purchasing electric energy on the wholesale market plus normal cost of RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC distribution services. Thus, the price corresponds to objective price of electric energy on the market for a customer and fixes the cost of our services.
  • Guarantee supplier discount (GS -)
    The price is calculated in such a way as if it were calculated when purchasing electrical energy from a guarantee supplier operating in the region, taking into account a discount, the amount of which has been agreed by the parties. The consumer is guaranteed to get the price lower than the one that he would get while dealing with guarantee supplier.
  • Fix price
    It is an offer of the fixed price for electric energy. The price of electric energy for a Consumer doesn’t depend on seasons fluctuations and daily variations, defends from unpredictable and undesired events in energy supply system that may influence the price.

At the same time we are always ready to develop another unique calculation algorithm that will meet your requirements.

The cost of transport and other services directly related to the process of energy supply are determined by authorized persons according to the current legislation.

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