RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC provides service excellence combined with custom-tailored approach and is always ready to offer:

In spite of the fact that rendering of power service is the core business line of the company, workforce capacity is centered sufficiently and is able to expand the horizons, develop new kinds of activity and boost competitiveness of the company as a whole.

The priority of RUSENERGORESOURCE when rendering energy supply service is a sustainable improvement of electric energy supply reliability and electric energy delivered quality. Having this in a view, the company has developed following provisions: Regulations on the interaction of the parties when preparing and applying schedules of emergency restriction of electrical energy consumption and use of emergency control system; Procedure for calculating power receiver damage or supply of low quality electric energy, Procedure of development, agreement and approval of Acts of emergency and technological protection.

The energy supply company RUSENERGORESOURCE LLC is known as a reliable supplier, always adhering to agreed business practices.

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